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Thickener for Abamectin EC, Triazophos EC

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Sticker-Thickener for Abamectin, Emamectin, Triazophos EC


Chemical name:  mixture of polymer surfactant & emulsifier
Outstanding merits: 
Pro-THK is non-toxic and easy biological degradation in environment. Compared to traditional non-ionic and resin thickener,  it has lower application dosage, wider range of viscosity, lower density and more adaptable to different source of technical. Pro-THK can make the final formulation with good emulsion stability without adding any other emulsifiers, and has good solubility in solvent oils or aromatic solvents.

Mix pesticide technical, and solvents first, then add Pro-THK. Heat to make the mixture homogenous. Pro-THK can adapt to different technical from different manufacturers, which means the effect varies very small when effected by viscosity of different technical. The use dosage is about 25-30%. Note that Pro-THK be added at the last step when in large-scale production based on trail tests. 

Packing: 100mL, 1L, 20L, 200L, IBC, depend on customers' needs