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Silicone Antifoam (Defoamer) for Agrochemical

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Pro-DFM——Defoamer for Agrochemicals


Chemical name: silicone emulsion

Outstanding merits: 
Pro-DFM is a new type and high efficient nonionic modified silicone antifoam, designed to control bubble in water based pesticide. The product has excellent acid and alkali resistance, chemical stability and shear resistance with faster defoaming speed and longer bubble control effect than the average ones. 
Pro-DFM is developed for water based agrochemical formulations, used as a tank-mix adjuvant or a formulation additive in pesticide products. In order to achieve the best effect, users must scatter defoamer completely in foam medium. So users can dilute antifoam with 1 to 5 times amount of cold water in advance, stir water lowly and mix them blending. The diluted defoamer shall be immediately used. 

Packing: 100mL, 1L, 20L, 200L, IBC, depend on customers' needs