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Agricultural silicone surfactant(PASS-Powder)

Product Detail Information




    for Powder Formulations of Agrochemicals 


Chemical name: polyether-modified polysiloxane

Outstanding merits: 
PASS-Powder is an immobilization form of PASS with 50% content. It keeps merits of PASS like increasing droplets coverage, decreasing spray volume under lower dosage and enhancing rainfastness. 
Besides, PASS-Powder enlarges application in solid formulation of pesticides and fertilizers. 
PASS-Powder is used for solid formulations of pesticide products and fertilizers. The recommended dosage is 1-10% of agrochemical formulations. To get best results, PH value should be adjusted to 6-8 and amount test be done according to different products before application. 
Packing: 20kg drum, depend on customers' needs