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Agricultural silicone surfactant (PASS-HB)

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PASS-HB ——Tank Mix Adjuvant for Glyphosate


Chemical name: polyether-modified polysiloxane

Outstanding merits: 
PASS-HB spray adjuvant is a polyether modified trisiloxane based wetting agent, especially used for systemic herbicides which needs good spreading ability as well as longer retention time on foliar surface, like Glyphosate and so on. PASS-HB is used to enhance efficacy of herbicides relative to conventional adjuvants like tallow amine ethoxylate based adjuvants.
PASS-HB is used as a tank-mix adjuvant for foliar-applied herbicides like Glyphosate. Tank mix dosages: 0.025% to 0.1% in water solution. Better PH=5-8. Used within 24 hours of preparation.
Packing: 100mL, 1L, 20L, 200L, IBC, depend on customers' needs