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APG(Alkyl Polyglucoside)0810

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Made from natural raw materials, APG (Alkyl Polyglucoside)0810 is very mild and easy biodegrade product----environmental friendly. With good wetting, penetrating, easy degradation, hydration, resolvable in water, and solubility in high concentration of alkaline or electrolyte solution etc properties. APG can be used in many fields, like industrial and agricultural.

In agricultural, mostly used in Glyphosate aqueous solution like 41%SL. Increase the wetting and penetrating, help the weeds absorb the solution of Glyphosate.

Content: 50%,70%  (Color can be regulated)

Usage way: Add in formulation. 

Dosage of APG0810(50% content): For 41%SL, add APG 10%; 

Packing: 200-220kg/drum, depend on customers' needs 

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APG Alkyl Polyglucoside

APG Alkyl Polyglucoside